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10 Common Myths About CBD That Need Discussion Now

10 Common Myths About CBD That Need Discussion Now

In the last several years, CBD has become a popular way to treat stress and anxiety, chronic pain, and sleep issues. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a compound derived from hemp plants and works with your body’s central nervous system to improve the function of some neuroreceptors. Because of its association with marijuana, there are a lot of common misconceptions about CBD and what it can or cannot do. In this article, we'll tell you ten common CBD myths and the truth about what CBD can do for you. 


CBD Hasn't Been Scientifically Proven to Help Any Health Conditions


Skeptics of CBD often mention that the compound hasn’t been scientifically proven to treat any health conditions. A common argument is that there is anecdotal evidence to indicate that CBD might help a few conditions, but there is little concrete evidence to support that. This is one of the CBD myths.


In 2018, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a CBD-based medication called Epidiolex for a difficult to treat seizure disorder. No other CBD or cannabis-based drug had received FDA approval since cannabis was classified as a Schedule 1 drug in 1970, which, according to the agency’s classification system, meant that it had “no medical value.”


However, the approval of Epidolex threw that Schedule 1 status into question. The results of the clinical trials on the CBD-based medication were so compelling that the FDA was all but forced to approve it. 


Since CBD Is a Schedule 1 Drug, No One Can Research It


It is true that a Schedule 1 status makes it harder to research a drug in the United States, but there are some universities that have been granted permission to research the compound and its medical effectiveness. One study at Columbia University looked at using CBD with conventional treatment for glioblastoma. Credible randomized, double-blind studies on CBD have been done.


CBD Is a Marketing Scam


Another one of the common CBD myths is that it is a marketing scam. This is untrue. CBD products contain active ingredients that interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system to trigger beneficial effects like reduced inflammation and chronic pain, relief of anxiety and depression, and improved sleep quality. CBD is also shown to help seizure disorders and can help relieve side effects associated with chemotherapy.


There is a segment of the wellness industry that has leveraged the popularity of CBD to increase sales of certain cosmetic and wellness products by unnecessarily adding the ingredient to them. While this tactic is likely just a way to earn some additional money, it doesn’t diminish the effectiveness of CBD in its legitimate applications. 


“I Took CBD and Nothing Happened. It Doesn't Work."


This is one of the most damaging CBD myths because there is a lot of context missing in the statement. If you are not in pain but take a pain reliever and nothing happens, can you accurately state that the pills didn’t work? Whether CBD works for you largely depends on the reason you’re trying it. If you aren’t dealing with a condition or symptom CBD can treat, you can’t expect any results. 


Sketchy Industry, Sketchy Products


Common misconceptions about CBD say that the industry is sketchy and filled with low-quality or unregulated products. It is true that aside from Epidiolex, CBD products are not FDA approved. However, nor are many other types of supplements that are used by millions of people every day without question. As with products in any industry, some are good, and some are bad. It is important to do your research on the quality of CBD products available to you. 


CBD Gets You High


Probably the most common of all CBD myths is that the compound gets you high. This is absolutely untrue. Even though CBD comes from the same plant family as marijuana, it is not psychoactive. In order to be considered legal, CBD must contain no more than trace amounts of THC, which is the compound in marijuana associated with a high feeling. While CBD can improve your mood, it will not get you high.


CBD Is Sedative


CBD can be extremely beneficial in treating insomnia and sleep disturbance issues, especially CBD sleep gummies that are formulated with other sleep-support ingredients. However, CBD is not a sedative. It simply makes it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep without any groggy aftereffects.  Often, CBD improves sleep quality by treating the cause of sleep disturbance, like chronic pain or anxiety. 


CBD Is Addictive


Many CBD skeptics are concerned that using CBD products could lead to a dependency. However, the World Health Organization has issued reports that refute this belief. The WHO has stated that CBD exhibits nothing to indicate a potential for abuse or dependency in humans. There are also no known instances of public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD. 


The FDA Does Not Regulate CBD Products


FDA regulated is not the same as FDA approved. It is true that, aside from one drug, CBD products are not FDA approved. However, that does not mean that companies can make wild, unchecked claims about what their products can do without any consumer protection. The FDA offers resources on its website so consumers can research its position on CBD products and offers advice on how to select quality products. 


CBD Does Not Cause Side Effects


CBD is generally considered safe from side effects. The most commonly reported side effect of CBD is drowsiness, though the majority of users welcome that since many use it for sleep issues. If too much CBD is used, it may cause diarrhea. The larger issue is in the potential for interaction with other medications. If you are taking any prescription drugs, speak to your medical provider about safely using CBD. 


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