CBD for Athletes

CBD for Athletes

The popularity of CBD is taking over the health and wellness world! What was once an illegal drug is now being sold in dispensaries and local stores without much need for a medical license. Cannabidiol, CBD, is a naturally occurring active ingredient of the cannabis plant studied as a promising and viable medical alternative for many ailments. Although research into the benefits of CBD for athletes is still early in its infancy, the results garnered so far are promising.

Whether you are a competitive athlete or a casual everyday gym enthusiast, you want to feel and stay healthy. An essential part of staying healthy is treating and alleviating joint pains, inflammation, body aches, and injuries that may hinder you from your peak performance. With CBD posing as a potent, natural plant medicine that can treat all these ailments fast, it is not a wonder that athletes are interested in it.

The question however still remains, is CBD legal for athletes and does it help athletes recover faster and better?

Is CBD Safe For Athletes?

Athletes involved in various forms of sports need to avoid injuries, stay in shape and ensure a strong immune system functioning at optimum. Avoiding injuries, however, is especially difficult with the amount of stress that athletes exert on their bodies during training. While this training stress may be beneficial in stimulating adaptation and boosting performance, it can advance to muscle wear and tear and serious injuries.

There are current pain management methods, including opioids and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs that an athlete can use. One hitch with these methods is that they have major side effects and are addictive. On the flip side, CBD is not addictive, and athletes can never develop a dependency or reliance on it. Interestingly, this amazing oil has shown potential in treating drug addiction problems and removing the reliance on opioids.

As seen, CBD is generally safe for use by professional and recreational athletes, better yet, CBD is non-psychoactive, nonintoxicating, and it won't alter an athlete's mind.

Is CBD Legal For Athletes?

CBD is changing the game for athletes! It is quickly gaining widespread acceptance for its therapeutic value, and the stigma that previously surrounded its usage is quickly petering away. Athletes can use CBD to handle anxiety, stress, help with sleep, and treat stomach discomfort, which translates to better athletic performance.

The great news is that CBD is no longer on WADAs' list of prohibited substances. In early 2018, The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed CBD from the list of banned substances in or out of competitions. This means that athletes can legally buy CBD products for use. But great caution must be taken to ensure the CBD products do not contain any traces of THC. THC is still on WADAs' list of banned drugs!

Benefits of CBD for Athletes.

Athletes are constantly looking for an edge or something that can increase their energy, improve their performance and accelerate healing. It could be opioids, but they have adverse side effects, anti-inflammatory drugs could help, but they are addictive, then there is the non-addictive, natural healer, CBD. The oil that can help with an athlete's performance and keep them at the top of their game. CBD can help an athlete in the following ways:

• Treat Inflammation.

Minimal inflammation may be beneficial for athletes. Excess inflammation, though, from a lot of exercise without adequate focus on recovery, enough sleep, and healthy diets may become a problem and a hindrance to good sports performance. Inflammation is the root cause of many illnesses, such as asthma and bowel diseases.

CBD possesses anti-inflammatory properties, and it is one of the fastest natural medicines to cure inflammation. Is inflammation causing you trouble? CBD might help. Take small amounts of CBD oil sublingually at least twice daily. Take note of its performance and if you don't get your desired results in a few days, consider increasing the amount twice your previous dosage. If need be, you can increase the amount until you find relief and maintain the dosage twice each day.

• Alleviate Pain.

Clinical studies have confirmed that CBD can help with acute and chronic pain. Physical exercise is an essential part of an athlete's life. Extensive exercise yields good sports performance, but it can make you sore, cause you pain, stiff joints, and discomfort. CBD can be beneficial and help you recover much faster. A recent study backed up CBDs' claim on providing relief to musculoskeletal pain, and some sports physicians are now recommending CBD as an alternative treatment to pain.

• Treat Insomnia.

Lack of adequate sleep has a negative impact on an athlete's performance. Sleep deprivation increases irritability, makes you more anxious, and affects your ability to think clearly. Adequate sleep is to an athlete, what rules are to a game. CBD can help with sleep. According to researchers, taking CBD before bed can draw an athlete into a good, restful sleep and help them stay asleep. CBC achieves this effect by inhibiting the reuptake of adenosine. Increased adenosine levels will make you fall asleep faster. CBD also reduces anxiety and depression, which may cause Insomnia.

Can An Athlete Overdose on CBD?

Some athletes are concerned that they can overdose on CBD. People have died because of opioids, and it is only natural that an athlete should be concerned about overdosing on CBD. Cannabidiol is not a drug but a natural plant medicine that is non-psychoactive, nonintoxicating, and non-addictive. If you go back in literature, you won't come across any cases of CBD overdose.

Key Takeaways

Over the past decade, thousands of people have died due to pain-relieving medications such as opioid drugs. If you know anything about CBD, you know that it is a potent pain reliever that will not lead to addiction. The CBD pendulum is shifting in a positive direction. Today, CBD is legal for use, and people are now embracing it as more research confirms its therapeutic and health benefits.

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