CBD and Sleep

CBD and Sleep

If you have problems sleeping at night, you are not alone. Nearly 80% of people have reported having trouble falling asleep at least once or twice per week. Recently, CBD has exploded in popularity. New CBD products are popping up daily due to their promising potential to treat numerous ailments, like chronic pain, depression, and perhaps Insomnia! For this reason, there has been a mass migration from sleeping pills to CBD, the magical elixir that won't get you addicted or alter your state mind to give you some good Zzzzs.

But with such an increasing hype behind CBD, you may find yourself in a dilemma. Does CBD live up to its hype, or is it all just smoke and mirrors? Is it safe? Does it even work? Let's cut through this confusion and break down some facts about this miracle-working medicine.

Is CBD safe?

Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is a naturally occurring cannabinoid in the cannabis plant. It can also be extracted from industrial hemp and marijuana plants. Unlike its mostly illegal sibling THC, CBD does not have any psychoactive effects, it is non-intoxicating, and it will never get you high. In fact, hemp is no longer considered an illegal drug, thanks to these properties.

CBD is generally safe for athletes and all other users as the body tolerates it well, and until now, there have been no issues with its safe usage. However, we must note that some scammers and illegitimate companies are willing to rip off your money and deliver inaccurately labeled and unsafe CBD products. To get more bang for your buck, please buy CBD from a reputable and legitimate dispensary.

Key Takeaway: CBD and its derivates are federally legal as of 2018 when Donald Trump signed the Farm Bill that finally decriminalized CBD after decades of being trapped in the wider cannabis prohibition.

Does CBD Help With Sleep?

CBD and sleep, CBD and Insomnia, two topics that have recently taken the limelight. The answer to these questions is relatively straightforward. Stress, depression, and anxiety are the leading causes of Insomnia worldwide. Although the are no mountains of research on CBD and sleep, some clinical studies have shown that CBD can alleviate stress, anxiety, treat depression, and help with the pain. Research suggests that relieving one or all of these conditions can help a person get to sleep and stay asleep. Taking CBD before bed can draw you into a more relaxed, good night's sleep.

Research goes further to suggest that these sleep-aid work its magic by reducing the levels of cortisol in our bodies. Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released by our adrenal glands during stress. Reduced cortisol levels mean that your central nervous system can calm down faster, helping you relax into sleep with less tension in your muscles.

So, How Much CBD Should I Take To Sleep?

Sleep deprivation can play havoc with your life. It can make you forgetful, dull, irritable, and certainly does not help with your social life. Ideally, there is no standard amount of CBD to be consumed. It all depends on you to find your ideal amount that provides your desired results. Please note that CBD works differently for different people and its effects differ from user to user. Therefore, the most appropriate answer to this question is, start with minimal CBD doses and gradually work your way up until you find the amount that works best for you.

How To Take CBD for Sleep

For some CBD proponents, nothing is comparable to the luxury of vaping their CBD oil. However, there are other numerous methods that you can explore and experience the near-magical benefits of CBD. It all boils down to you finding the method that is more effective for your needs.

We reckon taking CBD one hour before going to bed. The best method would be taking it sublingually as it helps you relax faster and its effects are long-lasting. Others might find the tastier CBD edibles to work best. Though the effects might take time before kicking in, they will last longer and keep you asleep throughout the night.

The Bottom Line

The increased interest in CBD and its therapeutic benefits have prompted researchers to study it rigorously. There are many clinical studies to prove that CBD can do as its proponents claim. CBD has proven its abilities as a more natural plant medicine for sleep with little to no side effects.

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